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Configuring RedDog’s Terms of Service

Additional to the help response configuration, a notice to represent the server’s terms of service can be configured. The main differences between the help configuration and the terms of service configuration are:

The content of the terms of service can be configured in the WEB-INF/notices/ directory by creating an XML file named tos.xml. This file is optional, so by default there isn’t any file with this name.

The tos.xml file must have the following format:

The formal definition of the notice can be found here.

The formal definition of the link array can be found here.

Here is an example of a tos.xml file with all the elements that can contain the file.

      <title>Example terms of service</title>
      <type>A registered IANA type</type>
         <line>A line of the terms of service</line>
         <line>another line</line>
         <line>another line</line>
         <link rel="" href="http://example.com" hreflang="" title="" media="" type="">http://example.com</link>
         <link rel="" href="http://example.com/file" hreflang="" title="" media="" type="">http://example.com/file</link>

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