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RedDog Demo Server


  1. Introduction
  2. Download
  3. Running the demo
  4. Available features
  5. Available configuration
  6. Dummy data
    1. Domain data
    2. Entity data
    3. Nameserver data


Before you begin a full installation of RedDog, you can try its features out using our demo server. It is a standalone Tomcat binary packaged with RedDog and an embedded (H2-based) database populated with dummy data.

The only requirement is Java 8 or superior.


You can download the demo server from this page.

Running the demo

Expand the compressed zip and run the jar normally:

unzip rdap-server-demo-1.4.1.zip
cd rdap-demo-1.4.1
java -jar demo.jar

The server will run at http://localhost:8080/rdap-server/ by default. You can change the binding IP and port, using the java -jar demo.jar [your-IP-address [your-port]] syntax. As an example:

java -jar demo.jar 9090

When the server starts, the console will log messages as shown below. As long as you don’t get SEVEREs (as opposed to INFOs), the server is underway.


The demo server is now ready to answer requests. In your browser, query the address that you set up and you should see a welcome page:


Available features

As a demo version, this server has limited features compared to the ones defined in RFC 7482 (excluding ASN and IPs queries), as well as the ones from the full server. Here are examples of queries that should be successful. See the tables below for more options.

* Because of the shipped configuration of zones (see below), only ‘.com’ and ‘.com.example’ domains will yield success.

Available configuration

Although this a demo version with limited features, some configurations can be customized so that you can learn more about the server behavior. The following list mentions the files that can be used to configure the demo server:

Warning Notice that tweaks to any of these files require a server restart to go live.

Dummy data

The demo database ships with the following test data:

Domain data

Handle Unicode name Zone
DOM1 whiterabbit com
DOMCOM goldfish com
XXX2 reddog com
1234 blackcat com
ylb yellowbird com
DOM2 conejo-blanco com.example
DOMCOMMX pez-dorado com.example
XXX3 perro-rojo com.example
1235 gato-negro com.example
pjra pajaro-amarillo com.example
DOM3 conejo-blanco example
DOMMX pez-dorado example
XXX4 perro-rojo example
1236 gato-negro example
  pajaro-amarillo example
DOM4 choco test
DOMLAT moka test
XXX6 in-addr.arpa
1238 méxico test
xnxn elpájaroamarillo test

Entity data

Handle Full Name
mr_rabbit Bill
mr_fish Billy
mr_dog Bob
mr_cat Barry
mr_bird Wonka
don_conejo Tristan
don_pez Shane
don_perro Layne
don_gato Brittney
don_pajaro Blair
sr_conejo Gary
sr_pez Gepetto
sr_perro Cindy
sr_gato Roy

Nameserver data

Handle ldh(letter, digit, hyphen) name IP Address
NSE1 ns1.chopsuey.net
NSE2 ns2.chopsuey.net
NSE3 ns3.chopsuey.net
NSE4 ns4.chopsuey.net 1:0:0:0:0:0:0:1
NSE5 ns5.chopsuey.net 2:0:0:0:0:0:0:2
NSE6 ns1.white.example
NSE7 ns2.white.example
NSE8 ns3.white.example
NSE9 ns4.white.example
NSE10 ns5.white.example
NSE11 ns1.bright.info  
NSE12 ns2.bright.info  
NSE13 ns3.bright.info  
NSE14 ns4.bright.info  
NSE15 ns5.bright.info  
NSE16 ns1.camión.test  
NSE17 ns2.camión.test  
NSE18 ns3.camión.test  
NSE19 ns4.camión.test  
NSE20 ns5.camión.test